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Our First Frost

We hope you all had a wonderful and peaceful holiday, and most of all that you had the time to breathe and settle into gratefulness. As the year is ending I'm sure most are ready for a fresh start with a different outlook from what we have experienced this year. It might even be difficult to be thankful for anything right now. It was and is a doozie, but when we have taken the time to stop and reflect on the flow of life...come to realize there are things out of our control...will we flow and work with it or let it control us? Can we be grateful for just waking up, because that is enough?

We experienced our first frost...and yes it was unanticipated or we were not prepared. Regardless, we knew father frost would show himself, but it sort of hit us sooner than we hoped. Sad, we are, and frustrated a bit having hopes of more crops right now. As we save what we can and flow forward we are grateful for the lessons and what the future will bring. We are also grateful for this time to reset our lives and work toward a greater goal of supporting our community and it's health.

As we continue to set goals and expectations for the farm, we have learned first and foremost we are not entirely in control. With this lack of 'control', I'm talking about what the universe decides for us, we look forward to the challenges, lessons and growth...we welcome it, and we find the lessons in flowing with it.

Where our production may have slowed down for the season, we continue to work hard to make this next year, our true first year, bountiful. We are installing 4 hoop houses to extend our growing season to 10 months of production. Our chickens are just starting to lay eggs after they had their first molting, and we will be adding more laying chickens to the flock as soon as the first of the year...cluck...cluck. As for the bees...they are still here and the hive is healthy...let the honey flow.

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