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Back in the Saddle Again

It's almost been a year since the Great Pink Sequoia and I decided to commit ourselves to making a self-sufficient lifestyle. We are on this journey for many reasons both personally and as a couple. This life of unity with nature and communion with those who choose to live in the most conserving and sustainable way is a life we have internally longed for, educated ourselves to thrive in, manifested clearly to the universe our desires (but accepting her intentions), and continually acknowledge her brazon lessons...please. As I sit here I settle into the present holding the future.

So what is to become of these two old crazy farmers (cause we can't make sense of doing anything but). Well, after some success with our small farm in the Central Coast we decided to take it north were we have both dreamed of rooting our lives within the Redwoods. We are grateful the universe sees our ideas to create and strengthen community and that we have found it in a place so abundant and beautiful, kind and generous of Miranda, CA Humboldt County.

There are sacrifices to wherever one may live I suppose. Living on the Central Coast definitely had it's challenges, as will living among the Redwoods...(we've named him Yogi. Ya gotta keep it light...sending positive vibes) also ( "did you spray"...I though Alaska was bad). I have to say the feeling of seeing the ocean view that slows traffic on the 101 most days never paled. The same feeling exists as we meander the trail of Redwoods or follow the the rivers course on the way home from a weekly supply run. It is being immersed in it and how we choose to let it become our life. I appreciate more than ever the opportunities (lessons) this life has given me, and yet again we have manifested, and Spirit and Universe have listened to dish us up a healthy portion of our dream to launch from.

With this 105 acres we will conserve and make the best use of the land to produce a sustainable lifestyle for ourselves but one which overflows creating successful financial opportunities which benefit the community connections and growth.

We hope to do this by bringing back the basics. Skills of farming, cooking, building, personal protection will sustain any life at any point. Without these vital skills we not only lose what it means to be human but also deny the future generations essential humans skills that should never be lost.

It's almost been a month since we purchased this land we now call home. Preserving, sculpting and fashioning it into the workable, livable space we wish for... with her guidance of course.... is what we work at everyday...because we don't want to know any other way.

Soon we will have a house, vast gardens growing, places to meander and visit with Mother. We hope you visit and take the time that is yours. Stay tuned for developments and event notices.

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