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Long and winding road...from the sea to the trees

That honestly sounds arduous...but I have always said anything worth doing is not easy. Well, folks, it has not been easy road moving a life and farm. We keep getting schooled, my calluses are so thick they need a name, but our souls beam with joy as we get the farm to a point to join the market this year and finally see our dreams come true and a future in this beautiful community of Southern Humboldt, CA.

The Central Coast was our home for over 20 years. We watched our children grow into amazing humans and fly off into the world to do their thing. Changing times and curious hearts brought us to Northern California where the land provides, and the people have hearts as beautiful as the Redwood they live among.

Sometimes we are allowed the time to take a look at the current situation. Well, that's what we did 3 years ago, and we found ourselves selling the house we just finished building, packing up the farm we just got going and downsizing our lives to make it a little simpler? Well, moving it all 457 miles north to the most excellent community of Southern Humboldt was the only answer. I mean, who doesn't want to move at 50 years old, attempt life off-grid, establish new jobs, friends, community? Come on! My therapist says I live an exceptional life. You bet we do! SOUTHERN HUMBOLDT will make your heart melt. Don't think we didn't look elsewhere: Alaska was on the table, Washington was calling one of us back, but California has always been HOME. Who knew Southern Humboldt County would be our forever home. Honestly, having grown up in Oakland and Jarrad in Red Bluff, been lucky enough to see a great deal of the world, and lived in many corners of state, I do kick myself for never having explored this Southern Humboldt County before now.... WHY?!?!!!!! Well, we are thankfully here now....and here to stay.

So, I thought I would get you up to speed with some pictures of Vital Earth Living 2.0-Humboldt.

We have taken a piece of land intended for other use by the previous owner and gave it new purpose... FEED THE PEOPLE. Our natural meadows have allowed us to maintain our natural surrounding forest and develop the existing flats to Hügelkultur beds and mounds. It will take some years to build the soil, but we have already started the process. The heavy presence of worms this year has given us permission to feel Market ready. We can't wait to see what the coming years of bounty will bring to our Southern Humboldt Community.

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