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A new journey begins.

Just when we thought we were settling into a simple life and moving away from the race or grind(thank you Covid), it snuck back in and served us a plate of patriachal BS. Oh, well we let it in for a hot second, desperate to keep the farm going because it mattered and provided something good, but now we've come back to this place in our heart and soul, a place of understanding our enough. We've learned so much, proved to ourselves what we are made of, gave to this earth and received back the knowledge of what life is all about. We practiced patience with our lessons knowing we were definitely going to learn and grow if we allowed it to happen. We found our "home" in each other and realized how much more life we have to live and how abundant it can be when we make it simple. When we were given the chance to know ourselves beyond the rat race, we had full view of life at baseline...simple...hard working...full of love, patience, compassion and creativity.

Running a farm business is not simple or easy, especially if one of you has to work to bring in an income. Working for a major corporate builder in times where no one wants to work and you're the only one who cares isn't simple or easy. Yes I am aware anything worth doing is not easy. None of it has been easy and all of it has been worth it.

I don't know what the future brings other than 4 seasons, trees, lakes and streams, becoming a good fisher woman and maybe hunter. I know it will have it's own set of challenges we will grow from. Bring em! I know we are prepared to share ourselves and talents with our new community when we find it. I know this place and the life we lived here has given us great perspective and time to grow and prepare for this next journey.

This week we close business as Vital Earth Living inc. We'd like to extend our graditude to all who have supported us on this adventure, and we hope you find another great source to feed your healthy soul. We will miss the conversations, but keep close to our hearts the connections we have made. 🙏💞 Thank you for making this a magical journey.✨

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