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Did you know?

I never really liked beets until I knew more about them and how to cook them to not taste like dirt. Did you know Beets are a superfood. They contain sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron and phosperous. Beets also contain folic acid, vitamins A, C and niacin.

What does all that do?

*Immunity boosting

*Excellent source of iron

*Anti cancer

*Protect against heart disease

*Treat and heal acne

*Strengthen the gall bladder and liver

*Colon cleansing

*Blood cleansing

Best way to prepare is to steam them until they are soft to a knife poke. Take a towel and peel off the skin. I feel this is why people don't like beets, because if they are not peeled they taste like dirt and sugar. 😕

Other ideas:

*Juice them with some ginger and apple.

*Steam and serve them with some goat cheese.

*Pickle them for your everyday salad.

Featured in this week's Bounty Box of mixed veggies. Kale, lettuce, basil, spring onion, 🌈chard, spinach, cabbage, sweet peas.

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