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They called us farmers.

The day they called us farmers was a day I go back to often. Have I arrived or am I still in the flow of the river of life? I hope I'm still in the flow. Growing up in a patriarchal system seemed to keep me in this constant search for the perfect life, in search of my personal definition, that moment where I have arrived. All of this is a destination, and you'd better hurry up and get what plays in my head. I look back now and grieve a bit for not taking the time to absorb every minute of my life and be in the flow rather than full of anxiety that I should be somewhere or someone else. I'll be 49 this year. Every once in a while, for a hot second my heart twinges with grief for the 40's I thought I would have had had life gone a different way...had life gone the way I expected or others thought it should go because it was going to lead me to a destination... you know that destination everyone has been talking about that is so perfect.. you are defined now, you can belong. My perfect, ladies and the now. Not with any title, place or thing...just you, and your birthday suit so to speak, everything you have learned, and the moment the world presents. I'm thankful for the life I have experienced, the past, as it has brought be to this place in my river where I meet the ocean. Maybe that is technically a destination (it was every time we had a chance to go to the beach), but my point is this...had I decided to hang my life up on the past hopes and dreams or follow something that wasn't answering my life's call, I wouldn't have found myself knowing how to flow with this life like I do today....out to the ocean. Perfect is now and knowing how to swim in the and have no fear at that point because life, although it did not go the way you planned, life did show up with some mad skills for you to navigate some rough times, and it made me a farmer when I said I would never farm again, and it made me a better wife and partner, mother and teacher. I never dreamed of having a farm and living this life. It is not easy... just so ya know, and there is not any money in it...just so ya know....and there is always something to fix...just so ya know. I would not trade it right now for anything, but I do know, life happens....the river still flows. I am thankful, and I have faith in the river of life. It has given us the tools and strength to pursue this endeavor and make it right, good and in the flow creating a healthy life for ourselves to share with our community. Call us what you may, we are the Craigs and we love to share the healthy and nurturing parts this world has to offer though the food we grow. So for now this is graciously our flow...we farm...we are farmers...but like I said before...we just met the ocean.

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