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41 deg for the rest of the town, but we freeze up on the Mesa. As I made my morning rounds (to make sure a pipe didn't freeze or break, say hi the the chickens, check for pests and whatnot) coming back to the house I see this impression in the grass. It took me a second, but then I realized it was left by our trustee 3 legged Lab/Pit/Collie named Charlotte.

She is about to turn 7 and has only ever known having 3 legs. I only know from adopting her at 4 months old that the Vets were not able to save her leg for whatever reason...nothing more. We make up stories like she saved 5 soldiers finding a land mine, or she got it stuck in a car door trying to save a all child, or we put peanut butter on it and she chewed it off. Ok the last one is a little twisted 🤪😬Let me tell you she has no problems with anything...well she's easily tired these days as life on the farm is a busy one for her and she does it well. She does her rounds on her own in the morning, she stands by the coop as I clean it or gather eggs keep a watch out for any predators, or is it squirrel hunting 🤔? When a visitor comes she can tell if they are friend or foe. When the delivery person brings a package there are about 5 places they could leave it and she always brings me straight to the package. Before we married our Jarrad she was my best adventure and cuddle buddy...still is...yes she gets kicked out of the bed, but she has it really nice people. Flipping princess and the pea with a double bed and blankets. No suffering here.

As I see her slowing down we take less long hikes and try to swim more. She has discovered she is part seal.

She knows her job here on the farm and in our lives and I can only say how blessed we are to have such a smart, loving, faithful creature to teach us and share this life with.

I know some day she will move on to her next life and it will be good. I wouldn't mind coming back as her...a bad ass 3 legged well loved pup.👍

She has made a lasting loving impression in our lives and we are thankful.🙏❤

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