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Getting into the swing of things.

When I first bought this property I remember reading a post from a city folk gone farmer type. He mentions all the do's and don'ts of farming. I remember thinking to myself what an undertaking it would be to start a farm, especially without any background or a partner. 6 years and 9 months later a home has been built, trees have been planted, and a viable and sustainable farm has started to come alive. As we get into the swing of things and not ahead of Mother Nature's intention for our dream, we have formed a lot of our own do's and don'ts on the farm. Most importantly:

*Don't have expectations as it is Mother Nature we are working with.

*Do stay the course and keep the dream alive as she will help you manifest what truly needs to be and when and how it needs to happen.

As I have mentioned in previous postings, winter has many lessons. In retrospect I don't know why I am ever so surprised or ruffled when we are given the chance to learn something new. Oh yes...possibly my ego getting in the way again. Well there is not much room for anyone's ego on the farm...well maybe Marilyn's (she's a chicken). The farm dictates what, when, where and how. Learning to submit to that has given us a chance to be more present to build integrity in this land and business. Winter is giving us a chance to build a stronger foundation for the future of this homestead and what it provides to our community.

We are really getting into the swing of things despite some changes to the flow. Covid was a blessing in disguise giving us time to make this dream come alive. Starting a farm is not cheap however, and to keep things afloat for now one of us has 2 jobs. His closet consists of business casual shirts for one job and overall for the other. So we find rhythm with this and keep pushing forward. Rows are being turned and made wider (hello broad fork), soil is being enriched with sustainable biomass (have you heard about Biochar?), our naturally raised chickens have molted and are now laying lovely eggs (send me a message if you are interested in regular egg delivery in the 5 Cities or pickup starting late January/early February), hoop houses are going up to extend our season and our inventory, seeds are routinely going in the ground and growing for a early Spring harvest (keep an eye on this page or Instagram for upcoming CSA membership opportunities), and we continue to learn more about sustainable farming and ways to make it easy for our community to have access to healthy, naturally grown food.

We have so much appreciation for all who have supported and continue to support us. We look forward to a happy and healthy 2021 and seeing your beautiful faces. In the meantime say hello to our little friends.

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