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I hope you learn from my mistakes😬🤔

What a morning...and I'm grateful it all showed up like it did. Still getting frost. Most of the veggies are doing good despite my mislead belief that everything will be fine if the lowest reported temperature for the morning is 41.😬🤔 Micro climates-r-us.❄❄ We live in quite the depression on a large sandy mesa. My legs are still frozen from an early run to save it all by spraying water on the crops. Not my goto for sure, but thankful to my husband and some useful tips passed down to him from his grandfather. And yes I have learned my lesson. Dodged one...I hope. Flowing on. I turn to the chickens and chicks. Chicks have had their 3rd night in the coop with warming plates. All is well. I opened the coop to let the sun shine on these newly feathered babies.. walked away for a hot second to return to one who flew the coop and got herself stuck in the netting. She's OK thank goodness. I thought I was going to have to revive her. Back in the coop she goes for a visit later. If it's not one thing it's another, but that is life. It happens, and I believe living/life is working through what comes with grace, doing the best with our "tool box of life" to fix the wrongs, learn the lessons, find the discipline to not become stuck and keep growing and living and sharing the experience, the knowledge, the lessons💪. #farminglife #farmlessonsarelifelessons #vitalearthliving #knowyourfarmer

We won't be doing eggs or Bounty Boxes this Friday but rather Thursday. Order today for delivery tomorrow.

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