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Lessons in the wind

I don't know how strong those winds were last week. They definitely took me down physically and mentally, but as I look back I'm able to see the lessons of mother nature and know this is life and we're just here playing, working and loving in it. Yes struggling at time but maybe just unprepared.

It was a hard day. The winds came in early and didn't stop and slapped us pretty hard.

Okay okay okay...I say. I'm listening now. Time to step back. Time to get into what really matters. So what I lost the plastic on the greenhouse and I almost flew away...wish there was a picture of that. So what the plan has to change a bit. Muddling around and rearranging my plan this time as allowed us to take a really close look at our soil. Is the soil ready? We have only worked this land for 3 seasons? Are we working it the right way? It produced an amazing fall harvest and spurred us to create a business and life around it. It provided us with a live swarm of bees which we caught and are still thriving. It and some sweat and clucks provided us with the material to build a coop for our now laying chickens. So here we are every day working it to make it something of our expectations and meet our timelines. I have to say I'm thankful for winter and the change in perspective it can give at it's own we want it or not.

With this time we are turning the beds over and taking a really close look at our soil. Is it even ready? Will it sustain? I'm thankful for this time to learn our soul composition better. We want to feed it the best possible way with the best practices to provide quality naturally grown food for ourselves and our community. We want to enrich this soil for the next generation to grow their own food and keep sharing.

Things may look blah and somewhat lifeless right now, but we are thankful to have this time. We've invested in some old school and innovative tools to make this successful. No need for a gym memebership. We've discovered some valuable resources to allow sustainability to continue, and we've reached out to amazing local wisdom to create what we hope is a bountiful spring harvest. I have faith the challenges will keep coming and me kicking and screaming a bit and having my aha moment, and I have faith the bountiful seasons will continue. I have faith I will be more prepared to listen and witness mother nature's timeline.

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So grateful for your stewardship❤️

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